will the stickie plate fit on my munchkin’s high chair tray?

We Might Be Tiny Stickie Plates fit most standard highchairs, such as the IKEA highchair. However, there are some smaller highchairs that don’t work with our Stickie Plates so it’s important you carefully check the tray size before you purchase. Our Cat and Bear Stickie Plates are roughly 21.5cm x 18.3cm with the suction foot measuring 20cm in width by 16.9cm in length. The Bunny Stickie Plate measures 21cm x 19.5cm with a suction foot that’s 19cm wide by 15cm long. Check out this handy tool that helps you visualise our Cat and Bear Stickie Plates (will I fit?) and our Bunny Stickie Plate (will I fit?) on your high chair tray.

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