feedie fork & spoon set

  • can i pop the feedie fork & spoon set in the dishwasher?

    Yes. All We Might Be Tiny products love temperatures of up to 230°C so can be popped into the dishwasher every single time without impacting the product.
  • can i put my feedie fork & spoon set in the microwave?

    Yes. All We Might Be Tiny silicone products are safe to use in your microwave and in the oven up to 230°C (446°F). So you can simply leave them in the bowl to help you give it all a stir while heating.
  • do feedie fork & spoon sets come with an accessory to store them?

    Yes. Every Feedie Fork & Spoon Set comes with a flexible and extremely durable silicone pouch that lets you take your spoon and fork with you on outings and takes care of the mess until you’re back home. Simply slide the used fork and spoon into the pouch and pop the into the dishwasher when ...
  • what’s the age recommendation for the feedie fork & spoon set?

    The cutlery set is targeted at babies who are starting to feed themselves rather than toddlers who actually need to stab broccoli with a fork. The fork intentionally comes with rounded edges for softer food options and assists the gradual introduction of solids for your tiny human. If you are fac...