catchie bibs

  • can i mix and match catchie bib colours to create my own set?

    No. Our Catchie Bibs come in pre-packaged sets of 2 popular colour choices. So hopefully one of them will please your little one (and you).
  • can i pop catchie bibs in the dishwasher?

    Yes. All We Might Be Tiny products love temperatures of up to 230°C so can be popped into the dishwasher every single time without impacting the product.
  • do they actually catch food?

    Yes. Our Catchie Bibs are lovingly referred to as ‘bib of second chances’ for a reason. They come with a small pocket at the bottom that catches food so you can scoop it back into the bowl or plate. And because they’re made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone Catchie Bibs are your safe companion a...
  • how do i clean the bibs?

    Our Catchie Bibs are as low maintenance as possible. Simply rinse them off under a running tap, pop them into the dishwasher or even clean them in the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle.
  • my catchie bibs don’t seem to catch all the food. what am i doing wrong?

    Unfortunately our Catchie Bibs will never catch absolutely everything. Unless your tiny human manages to drop everything directly into the catcher, which is highly unlikely. Try using your Catchie Bibs inside out to open them up a little and see whether that works a treat.
  • what age do you recommend your catchie bibs for?

    Catchie Bibs come with an adjustable strap that fits babies from as young as 4 months old up to tiny food explorers who are 3-4 years old and ready to ‘graduate’ from bibs.
  • will my little one like wearing catchie bibs?

    Catchie Bibs are made from very soft, flexible silicone, which doesn’t irritate babies and children around the neck. And the adjustable strap helps to comfortably fit the bib so it doesn’t annoy your little one.