bubble tea straws

  • can i put bubble tea straws in the dishwasher?

    Yes, We Might Be Tiny products are all safe to use in the dishwasher in temperatures of up to 230°C. However, they are also easily rinsed with hot soapy water. Note: Please remove the aluminium alloy carabiner clip from the Keepie straw container before placing in the dishwasher. This will preve...
  • do you have a bubble tea straw that is suitable for travel?

    Why yes, we're glad you asked. We offer our Bubble Tea Straw Set & Keepie in five different colours. Each set comes with a travel case, a single bubble tea straw, portable cleaning brush and a stainless steel piercing tip for store-bought boba tea.
  • do you have any recipes for making bubble tea?

    Yes, see How to make easy bubble tea (boba tea). Otherwise you might like to peruse our drink recipes, as we're constantly adding new recipes weekly.
  • do you sell cleaning brushes for your bubble tea straws?

    Each Set of 3 Bubble Tea Straws comes with a stainless steel cleaning brush. You can also buy them individually here.
  • do you sell cleaning brushes for your bubble tea straws?

    Yes. We sure do. Here.
  • how do i clean the bubble tea piercing tip?

    To clean the Bubble Tea piercing tip, simply run it under water or use a standard straw brush. Made from stainless steel, it is also suitable to be placed in the dishwasher. To avoid stainless steel from rusting, please ensure it is fully dried before storing away in the Keepie.
  • how do i use the piercing tip?

    Similar to piercing the film of a store-bought boba tea using the tip of a plastic straw, the reusable stainless steel piercing tip included with your We Might Be Tiny bubble tea straw & keepie is sharp enough to pierce this film. To avoid any unexpected spillage, gently pierce the film and ...
  • how is this straw different to the bendie straw?

    Each Bubble Tea Straw is 14mm in diameter (compared to our Bendie Straws, which is 10mm), so they are much wider than the average straw.
  • what is the stainless steel piercing tip?

    Each Bubble Tea Straw Set & Keepie comes with a stainless steel piercing tip which can be used to pierce through the film of a store-bought boba tea. It should be attached to the bottom of the bubble tea straw, so that it faces downwards in the drink. The piercing tip is removable, and can b...